Why Us

Who We Are

Creative Crafting Retreats is a dynamic team comprised of two very talented, creative, and business-savvy women. Our creative team has a wealth of experience in arts, crafts, and the customer service industry. We use our experience to guide participants towards an UNFORGETTABLE event. Both Tiffany Bond and Kristen Goberis have found that there is a niche market for multidisciplinary creative retreats and events in Ontario! Creative Crafting Retreats specializes in offering a welcoming environment that caters to everyone’s personal and creative needs. We are professionals that know what our guests want.

We have spent many years attending retreats and events in the creative world. As a result, we have compiled all the ‘do’s and dont’s’ and combined them with our extensive customer service background, and Voila! Creative Crafting Retreats provides a personalized getaway for individuals that need to escape from all the commitments in their day-to-day lives. We strongly promote self-care and time-out to be creative.

Creative Crafting Retreats sets high standards for the events we present. WE ARE NOT A SLEEPING BAG AND OUTHOUSE COMPANY. With plans to expand in both events and retail in 2017, our vision and quick growth sets us apart.

We are proud members of the Association for Creative Industries (previously CHA.) We strongly believe in working in collaboration with other crafting businesses, to help foster growth and shared passion in the creative crafting world.

Kristen and Tiffany